Education Technology

Academy Awards

Published on 11/21/2012

Activity Overview

Are the Academy Awards and ageist and sexist institution? Can the data about past award winners answer this question? Students explore different representations of the data and interpret these to answer the question.


Determine quartiles and interquartile range (National Curriculum: ACMSP248)

Provided in extension question only: Investigate and describe bivariate numerical data where the independent variable is time (National Curriculum ACMSP252)


Quartile, interquartile range, boxplot, mean, median

About the Lesson

Students are provided with data from the Academy awards for the age of each award winning actor and actress (and the year). The data is represented as a dot plot, boxplot and histogram for interpretation. Students compare data for males and females to see if the data supports the claim that the Awards are Ageist and Sexist. (Biased by age and gender) Students perform the calculations using technology and focus on the interpretation and support arguments specifically referenced to the data.