Voyage™ 200

Bid Specifications
Modern and ergonomic design.
Intuitive icon desktop for easy navigation and organization of
Calculator Software Applications (Apps).
Built-in clock to keep track of time and date and to use for timing experiments.
Full QWERTY keyboard, numeric keypad.
128 x 240 pixel display.
About 188K bytes of user-available RAM.
About 2.7 MB of user-available FLASH ROM (3x the FLASH ROM memory of the TI-92 Plus).*
Electronic upgradability of software including maintenance and feature upgrades.
Advanced Mathematics Software functionality suitable for college mathematics and engineering coursework.
Pretty Print shows equations and results with radical notation, stacked fractions, and superscript exponents.
Active Calculator Home history screen can hold up to 99 previous entries for deep recall.
Interactive geometry applications for Euclidean, transformational, and analytic geometry explorations (based on Cabri Geometry II).
Real and complex numeric results.
Symbolic manipulation for algebra, calculus and differential equations.
Symbolic units for use in equations, computations, and unit conversions. Over 100 units in 28 unit categories. 20 constants with symbolic units.
Graphs functions, parametric and polar equations, recursively-defined sequences, 3-dimensional surfaces, and differential equations. Up to 99 graphing equations defined and saved for each graphing mode.
Numeric evaluation of functions in tables and data variable format.
Interactive analysis of function values, roots, maximums, minimums, integrals, derivatives, intersections, inflection points, and arc lengths.
Recursively-defined sequences access any number of previous terms.
Slope and direction fields for exploring differential equations. RK and Euler numeric differential equation solving methods.
Real time rotation of 3D surfaces.
List-based one- and two-variable statistical analysis, including eight regression models.
Statistics plots including scatter, xy-line, box and modified box plots. Histograms and regression lines.
Matrix operations including inverse, determinant, transpose, augment, elementary row operations, and reduced row echelon form. Matrix elements can be real or complex and numeric or symbolic.
Advanced matrix operations including eigenvalues, eigenvectors, LU and QR decompositions.
Column-logic expressions in data/matrix editor are retained for automatic recalculation when values change.
Interactive numeric equation solver.
Hexadecimal and binary operations and conversions.
Extensive programming capability with number and size of programs limited only by available memory. User-definable functions extend built-in functionality.
Optional assembly language programming.
Command catalog screen to access and show "help" information for each function and command.
Memory management to create folders for specific applications or subjects.
255 symbols in the character set including Greek, system, and international characters.
Compatible with Calculator-Based Laboratory™ (CBL2™) and Calculator-Based Ranger™ (CBR™) Systems to allow analysis of real-world data.
Link capabilities for data transfer through I/O port. USB and unit-to-unit link cables included.
ViewScreen™ overhead port.
Powered by 4 AAA batteries with lithium battery backup to protect memory during main battery change.
One-year limited warranty.
Toll-free help hot-line
e-mail help line:
TI Technology Rewards program.
Activity Books.
Workshop Loan Program – borrow calculators for evaluation of workshops.
Printed Getting Started Guide included, full Guidebook available on Resource CD.
Pre-installed applications: Cabri Geometry™, CellSheet™, Finance, The Geometer's Sketchpad®, Polynomial Root Finder, Simultaneous Equation Solver, Statistics with List Editor, StudyCards, Language Localization (French, German and Spanish)
*All 2.7 MB can be used for Flash Apps, but only 1 MB of it can be used for data archive.
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