TI-Reader Converter Software

Features Summary
The TI-Reader Converter PC software allows you to download to your calculator entire sections of annotated text from works by the likes of Shakespeare. This easy-to-use PC software also allows you to create notes and highlight text. In addition, with the TI-Reader Converter, you can add content from online and other sources onto your calculator. The TI-Reader Converter software permits you to translate .txt, .html and .oeb files to the appropriate device format.
Concept Software
TI-Reader and TI-Reader Converter are Concept Software. TI invites feedback from educators and students concerning the functionality of the TI-Reader App and TI-Reader Converter computer software, which are available only in a Pre-Beta level of completeness and quality.
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Texas Instruments is making an effort to characterize the behavior of its Windows desktop software under the recently released Windows® XP Service Pack 2. While there are no known issues at this time, we have not yet completed the task of retesting TI desktop software to ensure that its performance and stability have not been affected. If you experience any issues with the performance of TI desktop software after installing XP SP2, please let us know the details. You can submit any issues to TI at 800-TI-CARES (800-842-2737). Thank you for your patience as we work through this process.