Get familiar with TI-Navigator features

Setting up the class

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Creating a Class and Adding Students Creating a Class and Adding Students
Installing Apps Installing Apps
Starting a Class Session Starting a Class Session
  Importing Students

Quick Poll

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Using Quick Poll Using Quick Poll
Using Open Response Polls Using Open Response Polls
  Polling from Teacher Calculator

Screen Capture

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Using Screen Capture Using Screen Capture
  Saving Screen Capture Images

Transferring files and monitoring status

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  Sending Files
  Collecting Files
  Deleting Files
  Using LearningCheck and Class Analysis
  Students Sending Directly to Teacher
  Sending Files from Teacher Calculator

Activity Center

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  Contributing Points in Activity Center
  Contributing Equations in Activity Center
  Contributing Lists in Activity Center
  Using Background Images in Activity Center
  Contributing Forms in Activity Center
  Using Number Lines in Activity Center
  Using Visual Fractions in Activity Center


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How to Create LearningCheck Files  
  Using Character Map

Student Portfolio and Class Analysis

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Loading Student Responses Loading Student Responses
  Exporting Class Results

Using TI-Navigator with TI InterActive!

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  Collecting Equations Using TI Interactive!
  Collecting Lists Using TI Interactive!
  Sending Files to Class Using TI Interactive!

Upgrading and set-up support

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  New Features For TI-Navigator 3.0
  Upgrading to TI-Navigator 3.0
  Upgrading TI-Navigator Hubs
  Registering the TI-Navigator System

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