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Professional Development
T³ Conferences
The T³ program hosts the annual T³ International Conference each spring and two-day Regional Conferences throughout the year. T³ Virtual Conferences contain video recorded sessions from T³ events.  T³ conferences are appropriate for K-college, mathematics and science educators who are new to TI technology as well as those experienced with it.
 T³ International Conferences
 T³ Regional Conferences
 T³ Virtual Conferences
T³ Online Courses - FREE
T³ Online Courses are high-quality professional development that fits your schedule! In order to reach more teachers in need of quality Professional Development our T³ Online Courses are now FREE.
 Algebra Using the TI-83 Plus / TI-84 Plus
 Calculus Using the TI-83 Plus / TI-84 Plus
 Calculus Using the TI-89
 Geometry with Cabri™ Jr. and the TI-84 Plus
T³ Teacher Leader Cadre (TLC)
The Teacher Leader Cadre program is based on principles of effective professional development for research and best practice. The TLC program truly offers systemic professional development. Our program provides 9 days of professional development. Ongoing training can keep your educators at the forefront of teaching innovation as well as help you meet mandated professional development requirements.
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T³ College and Preservice Courses
The Teachers Teaching with Technology (T3) College Short Course Program (T3CSC) is the college division of the International Teachers Teaching with Technology (tm) Program. The T3CSC Program was founded by professors Bert Waits and Frank Demana from The Ohio State University in 1994. Program emphasis is placed on enhancing teaching and learning through using hand-held technology. We offer three courses. They are designed for math teacher educators (MTE), preservice teacher educators (math or science)(PTE), and developmental algebra instructors (DEV). The College T3CSC Program offers FREE 1-3 day PTE and DEV short courses on campuses throughout the US throughout the year. MTE short courses are held during the summer.
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