TI-36X Pro

Bid Specifications
Updated for easier use
4-line × 16-character, easier-to-read LCD display
Review and edit previous entries via a scrollable home screen
Paste inputs or outputs into new calculations
MathPrint™ entry and output mode for viewing calculations in math notation, including answers in terms of pi, square roots and fraction
Three solvers – numeric equation, polynomial and system of linear equations
Numeric derivative and integral for real functions
Vectors and Matrices
Symbolic notation of pi
Toggle key to change the form of answers between exact and decimal approximation
Stacked Fractions and Fraction functions
Fraction/decimal/percent conversions
Change between improper fractions and mixed numbers
Automatic simplification of fractions
Random number and random integer generator
Battery powered with solar cell assistance to lengthen battery life
Central MODE menu for selecting calculator mode settings
Menu settings
Functions accessed directly through keys or through pull-down menus
Negation key
One constant operator feature
Combinations and permutations
Logs and antilogs
Convert angles from degrees to radians to grads
%, x², ¹/x, yˆx, π, x!
Fixed decimal capability.
(x,y) Table feature with Auto and Ask-x options
Basic Data/List Editor with 3 lists
List Formulas
One- and two-variable statistics with permanent stat variable input storage
EOS: (Equation Operating System)
20 physical constants
18 Metric/English conversions
Up to 8 pending operations
Up to 23 levels of parentheses
Error recovery capability.
Auto Power Off
Quick/easy reset of calculator via 2 key press or menu for exam purposes
7 Memory variables. (x,y,z,t,a,b,c)
Scientific and engineering notation.
Hard plastic, color-coded keys
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