Simultaneous Equation Solver App for the TI-89 Titanium

Features Summary
Extend the benefits and functions of your calculator. Calculate solutions (unique, representation of the infinite solutions, or no solution) for linear systems up to 30x30.

In addition, students can:


Enter symbolic data
Save and edit up to five constant vectors
View residuals and reduced row echelon form (RREF)
Save coefficients and solutions for later use
The Simultaneous Equation Solver App is available for the TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage 200 Graphing Calculators.  The Polynomial Root Finder and Simultaneous Equation Silver App is available for the TI-83 Plus, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus, and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculators.
This application is compatible with the following calculators: