TI-Nspire™ CX Navigator™ System

Research Findings
Improve math skills and changing attitudes
Research* has shown that the TI-Navigator system improves student engagement, understanding and performance. Key research conclusions:
The effective use of TI-Navigator in Algebra teaching improves achievement more than use of graphing calculators alone.
Students tend to score higher on mathematics achievement tests when the teacher knows, through a network-connected classroom, more about how students are thinking about mathematics.
The effective use of the TI-Navigator system helps students succeed in Algebra more than graphing calculators alone, by improving conceptual understanding, engagement and time on task
Using TI-Navigator in the classroom was observed to make students more likely to display their work, which helps other students proceed and provides them a greater range of solutions for consideration.
Effective use of TI-Navigator is shown to help achieve instructional goals, including greater student engagement and understanding, as well as more class discussion and interactivity.
TI-Navigator is shown to increase student achievement in academic math classes.
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