The connectingminds magazine is an educational resource for teachers. The activities in the connectingminds magazine have been written by teachers for teachers ready to use in your classroom. It is absolutely free to subscribe to connectingminds on line. Each issue will be emailed to you. Print off the activities you want to use and take them straight into the classroom. Contact and support details are also contained in the magazine.
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Guidelines for Submitting an Activity to Connectingminds™
General submission criteria:
Open to Australian, New Zealand, Singaporean, Malaysian, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean teachers only at this time. Submissions only accepted in English for this newsletter.
The activity must incorporate the appropriate use of a Texas Instruments device and be suitable for senior school classroom use.
Your activity should include a brief description of the content including subject area(s), topic, and grade level.
The Activity must be an original activity, created by the submitter. Please provide any other specific author credits and references you wish to include.
As a condition of submission, submitter grants Texas Instruments the authority to copy, share, or distribute this activity to other teachers free of charge
Format Guidelines
Must be in Microsoft Word® or compatible format.
Acceptable fonts are Texas Instruments Key Fonts, Times Roman, Arial, or Helvetica only.
A one-sentence activity description is required
Publishing Selection Criteria
Activities will be published in Connectingminds™ based on the following criteria: (1) creativity, (2) appropriate use of technology, (3) originality and (4) clarity.
What to Submit

Please send a cover sheet that includes the following information:

Contact information (as you wish it to be published with your activity)
E-mail address (will not be published unless included with activity)
School or Home Street Address (will not be published)
The handouts can be sent via email to
If you submit an activity by mail, it must be saved on a CD Rom and mailed to:
Connectingminds™ Activity Submission
C/- Texas Instruments
PO Box 598
Mt Waverley VIC 3149