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'Exploring mathematics with a Graphing Calculator, an introduction'

This book offers an introduction to the use of the TI-84 Plus and offers practical applications for the classroom. The most important possibilities are discussed using mathematical examples without stressing key press history too much.

Introduction and Contents
Activity 2 - Elementary Actions
Activity 3 - Matrices
Activity 4 - Lists
Activity 5 - Statistics
Activity 6 - Two Distributions
Activity 7 - Simulation
Activity 8 - Linear Programming

Junior Science

Change of Temperature during a Change of State
Depth and Pressure in a Liquid
Effect of Light Intensity
Endothermic and Exothermic reactions
Proving Food Contains Energy
Comparing Hardness of Water

Other Science

Measuring a Constant Velocity
Simple Harmonic Motion
Measurement of Speed of Sound in Air
Measure a Temperature Calibration Curve


The following worksheets for use in the classroom were compiled by Lorraine Douglas whilst teaching maths at Sutton Park School.

Coordinate Geometry
Functions and Graphing 1
Functions and Graphing 2
Functions and Graphing 3
Statistics 1
Statistics 2 (Trend Graphs)
Transition Year - Chaos