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Forensics: STEM Behind Hollywood

STEM Behind Hollywood

An unidentified corpse – known as a “John Doe” – is found on his back, decomposing in a field.

Who arrives on the scene with the detectives? A forensic anthropologist.

Dr. Diane France, Ph.D., D-ABFA, director of the Human Identification Laboratory of Colorado, worked with TI to develop Body of Evidence. This new TI-Nspire™ math and science activity uses information from a simulated death investigation to engage students in STEM concepts investigators use to establish victims’ identities and the time elapsed since their deaths. Once detectives know these parameters, they can more easily develop a list of suspects for the “Whodunnit” phase of the investigation.

Body of Evidence provides climate data, spans of time and the condition of the body and challenges students to identify the John Doe from among four missing persons — whose names and approximate date of disappearance are known — by matching interactive, graphical plots of the data with the dead man’s state of decomposition.

Teacher notes, student worksheets and assessments are included with the activity to promote classroom discussion and encourage inquiry-based learning about a variety of related STEM subjects, including biology, chemistry, anatomy, climatology and entomology.

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