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Instructional Product Dealers

All of the instructional products dealers represented here sell TI calculators, software and accessories,
but TI-Navigator™ products and TI Professional Development services are sold by select dealers.
Please refer to the chart to learn which products and/or services are available from each dealer listed. 

Instructional Dealers US Contact Information Shipping From Instructional Dealer TI-Navigator™ Professional Development 
AFP Industries  1-800-962-4041 FL
Bach Company 1-800-248-2224 CA  
Calculators Inc. 1-800-533-9921 MN
COPCO 1-800-446-7021 OH
D & H Distributing 1-800-340-1006 PA, GA, IL, CA
Douglas Stewart 1-800-279-2795 WI, NV
EAI Education 1-800-770-8010 NJ
Educational Electronics  1-800-526-9060 MA
Electronic Products, Inc. 1-800-843-7017 NC
ETA hand2mind  1-800-445-5985 IL    
Flinn Scientific 1-800-452-1261 IL    
Fisher Scientific 1-800-955-1177 PA •  • 
Hawaii Stationery 1-808-486-3200 HI    
Precision Instruments & Technology 1-787-287-3715 Puerto Rico    
Sargent-Welch 1-800-727-4368 NY    
Scantex 1-800-241-0348 GA  
Science Kit 1-800-828-7777 NY    
SchoolMart 1-800-285-2662 MD
School Savers 1-800-221-2120 CA
School Specialty 1-888-388-3224 WI    
TechLine 1-800-777-3635 MD, VA
Underwood Distributing 1-800-753-3570 MI
Valley Business Machines 1-800-462-2019 UT
Vernier Software and Technology 1-888-837-6437 OR  
Ward's Natural Science 1-800-962-2660 NY  

Instructional Dealers CA Contact Information Shipping From Instructional Dealer TI-Navigator™ Professional Development 
CCS Educational 1-877-CCS-EDUC Ontario • 
  1-866-344-7330 Alberta  •  • 
  1-877-652-7546 East • 
Supreme Learning 1-800-442-0484 Canada • 
Thales Technologies Inc. 1-866-669-2221 Canada • 
Win-Leader 1-800-565-2172 Canada • 


Need assistance?

Contact a TI-Cares Customer Support representative via e-mail or phone to order products, inquire about issues, or ask general questions about TI education technology.

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    Friday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Central Standard Time
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