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Elementary Calculators

Help prepare young students for their next steps in math and science with TI elementary calculators. Compare the features of various elementary calculators by selecting the boxes below, or view the complete non-graphing calculator comparison.


Recommended for Grades K-2. The TI-10 takes the functionality of the MathMate™ and adds features and capabilities like the Problem-Solving key, Place Value key and Constant key to help the youngest learner develop skills that are the foundation for future success.

TI-15 Explorer™

Recommended for Grades 3-5. The TI-15 Explorer ™ takes the functionality of the Math Explorer™ with additional features that are ideal for introducing the relationship between fractions, decimals and percents. Plus it has a special key for practicing problem solving.

Little Professor™ Solar

The Little Professor is a fun way to stimulate learning through mental calculations. It does not perform calculations, but suggests problems with 4 operations which include +,-,*, and /. It will check the answer entered by the student.