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Take a peek at the new Math Nspired lessons that are designed for the
TI-Nspire™ handheld operating system (OS) and computer software version 3.0 or later. The new TI-Nspire CX handhelds bring math to life with their full-color backlit displays, use of digital images for math overlays and 3D graphing. The installed rechargeable battery and sleek, light design make these handhelds convenient to use.

Some of the lessons correspond to one or more of the Standards for Mathematical Practice included in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics that students are expected to develop as part of their study of mathematics.

Look for the "Try the Lesson" button TI-Nspire™ Document Player on select lessons to use the new TI-Nspire™ Document Player to experience the content. To modify documents, you will need TI-Nspire™ Software.

Click on the links below to download these 3.0 sample lessons.