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Other Topics: Matrices, Sequences, and Series

Other precalculus topics include an introduction to sequences and series (sequences of partial sums), with special attention to the geometric series. Matrices and their application to solving systems of equations and representing geometric transformations are also included.

Precalculus: Other Topics: Matrices, Sequences, and Series Activities

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From Rumor to Chaos

This lesson involves modeling the spread of a rumor and similar problems.

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  • 2124

Building Sequences and Series with a Spreadsheet

This lesson has students create sequences and series in a spreadsheet.

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  • 2335

Sum of Infinite Geometric Series

This lesson involves clicking on a slider to see that the area of a square that has been systematically divided into an infinite number of pieces approaches 1.

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  • 3055

3x3 Linear Systems of Equations

This lesson involves connecting graphical representations of systems of linear equations in three variables to the number of solutions of those systems.

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  • 2544

Linear Transformations

This lesson involves linear transformations from R2 to R2 represented by matrices. Note: R2 = R x R represents the set of all pairs of real numbers.

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  • 2088

Parabolas and Matrices

This lesson involves using matrices to solve a system of three simultaneous linear equations.

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  • 2100

Cryptology and Matrices

This lesson involves using matrices to encode and decode a message.

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  • 2261

Roots and Cobwebs

This lesson involves finding roots to equations using a method similar to those used by many calculators.

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  • 2060
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