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Algebra 2

Powers Roots and Radical Functions

This unit begins with a graphical approach to the investigation of power functions. The first lessons in this unit explore the shapes and end behaviors of power functions with different exponents. Additional activities investigate the relationships among inverses of power functions, solutions to radical equations with potential extraneous solutions, and applications of power functions.

Algebra 2: Powers Roots and Radical Functions Activities

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Exploring Power Functions 1

Examine the graphs of power functions with even and odd positive integer exponents.

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Exploring Power Functions 2

Investigate power functions by clicking on a slider.

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Power Function Inverses

Examine the graphs of power functions with even and odd integer powers.

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Extraneous Solutions

Discover solutions of radical equations and investigate extraneous solutions.

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Living on the Edge

Students build a solution to a rather complex problem: Finding the edge length of an octahedron given its volume by solving two simpler problems first.

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